MonViets origins started way back then around 40 years ago    ...  Read More
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The soup is really tasty, it's made of beef bone that's been slow cooked for 14 freaking hours....  Read More
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Fortunately, monViet turned out to be a pleasant suprise. The springrolls were cooked to crisp perfection....  Read More
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Vietnamese crispy springrolls with shrimps. I really love this one. Soft and yummy. Best springrolls ever. Cannot describe with words....  Read More
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monViet, masakan khas Vietnam di Indonesia...  Read More
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You think Vietnamese food is all about Pho? Think again. MonViet has over 26 types of noodle dishes priced between IDR 43.000 - 60.000, and if you just cant live without rice they have 18 selection of rice-based dishes...  Read More
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I have been there maybe 6 times in the space of 3 weeks! so you can probably imagine how happy I am to have found this restaurant....  Read More
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It was nice to hear the Executive Chef call the menu names in Vietnamese with her crew, while the Vietnamese owner serving in the restaurant explains to guests about his family recipes....  Read More
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Vietnam is famous for their coffee. monViet uses its traditional dripping coffee filter to brew their import coffee beans to keep the authetic aroma.....  Read More
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YUMMM ! The soup is goooood. With additional chili given on the side, I poured everything into this, swirl it around for a good mixing and slurp away I go. The broth was splendid with beef goodness and the right amount of seasoning....  Read More
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Sebuah restoran yang menggunakan resep asli Vietnam, menu yang diracik dengan resep turun temurun, hadir untuk memberikan warna baru ke pecinta kuliner Vietnam di Jakarta...  Read More
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I totally enjoyed the food. It reminded me to the authentic Vietnamese taste that I had when I was traveling in Vietnam a few years back. I will absolutely come back again to MonViet! :)
...  Read More
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Rasakan kesegaran kuah Bun Bo Hue yang bikin ketagihan.....  Read More
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